Monday, April 30, 2012

Order Online Your Stretcher Bars Without a Worry

When you are looking around for artist stretcher bars, it is a good idea to look for the bars from the point of view of making the stretcher bar frames eventually. This way one can pick light duty stretcher bars or medium duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty stretcher bars by progressively increasing the size in depth and width of the bars. If it’s a large canvas, you will naturally need to have a strong foundation and frame and settle for super heavy duty bars but there’s no point spending a lot of money when you can stretch a smaller canvas using a light duty stretcher bar in size 5/8 “deep and 1 3/16” width. These light duty stretcher bars are just great for those smaller paintings or Giclees that will not benefit from a thicker bar.
Similarly, your choice in artist stretcher bars can be graded to the medium range known as Goldilocks that are an excellent compromise that you may be looking for. These bars come in size 1 3/16”deep and the same in width. With these bars you will get a substantial profile without having to spend too much. These are quite sturdy too.

For your heavy duty stretcher bar frames you may need to go for the midi at 1 ½ “depth and width that will not cost you as much as the super heavy duty stretcher bars would and you will still get great strength. Of course the really super heavy duty stretcher bars one can rely on for large canvases and these have a width of 2” and that is one very wide bar. The depth is the same as in the midi, that is 1 ½ “and these bars are light in weight and perfect for reducing the overall weight of the bar frame. You may need to use braces when the length increases 50” or thereabouts. You can order all these online without any worry.

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